The Crew


While our family of seven is sitting on the harbor docks waiting for our turn to cut the dock lines, we will travel the world one trip at a time. I am a flight attendant using my benefits to get us from place to place until we have a boat ready to handle our crew!  We are about 7 years out and we are preparing for the adventure of a lifetime. At least we have: The harbor. The beach. The free flights. The bay. Each other. In the meantime, we will travel via planes, trains, automobiles. We will try to accomplish visiting all 50 states before we depart this land lubber life for a life at sea. So far we have been to Florida, Texas, Hawaii, New York, Maine, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island and of course California.

Follow us as we embark on this journey together… But first, let us introduce ourselves:


Chief Felipe hanging in the Seward Harbor (Alaska)

Chief “Chief” Felipe                                          Hanging in the Seward Harbor (Alaska)





Chief "Captain" Tracy

Chief “Captain” Tracy

Monica: Age 23

20140711-201916-73156807.jpg Molly: Age 10


Chief Creator Molly Rae

Chief “Creator” Molly Rae

Zoe: Age 9


Chief "cleaner" Zoe Grace

Chief “Cleaner” Zoe Grace

Elijah: Age 6


Chief "catcher" Elijah

Chief “Catcher” Elijah

Phoebe: Age 4


Chief "cranky pants" Phoebe

Chief “Cranky pants” Phoebe


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