Our New Boat: December 2015


Our first sailboat! It is officially ours, just in time for Christmas. We have gone around and around with a name. As you see in this Christmas card, we started out with the idea that we would name it Seven C’s. We were talking one day and said all of us like being the chief (leader) and never the follower. All seven of us! This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.  So jokingly, we said we would name her Seven C’s. It was fitting as we toyed with the name even further. The Seven Sea’s!!!! The name did not sit well with us, then we decided on Anchor’s Aweigh, nope. Next, name Neverland, sounds good. Works well. Fits us. Done. Nope! Back to the original, original. When we first got our boat, my husband suggested we name it Fancy Face. He came up with that name because I told him when we first met that whoever I marry will call me Fancy Face, like Bo would call Hope on Days of Our Lives. I thought it was so romantic. It has been the name he has called me for the past 15 years. It was cute. An ode to our love story. Sign, sealed and delivered. Meet our new to us boat, Fancy Face!

Her information:

Name: Fancy Face

1987 Islander Bahama “30

Inboard engine: Gasoline, Atomic 4

Sleeps: 1 v-berth, 1 quarter berth, 2 settee’s

Heads: 1 with vanity area

Galley: microwave,  refrigerator, storage, sink

Cockpit: New cushions, helm, extra battery, bbq



A large port quarter berth


Forward v-berth



Saloon area with a large couch considering the size



Dining area/sitting area in the Saloon area



A fold up table in the saloon area


The head


My favorite part: the cockpit with the beautiful cushions and the helm (spacious for the size)



IMG_5877(this picture is of happier times, when I signed the contract)


Well… what I thought was a great sea trial on the Ericson 35′, turned out to be not so great! After an expensive haul-out and an exciting time of dreaming about our new-to-us sailboat… the surveyor had news for us! The rudder seemed to have enough problems, that made us re-think our purchase. We tried to negotiate what we thought was a fair price. It was not received well. As a matter of fact, the current owners decided they did not want to sell the boat to us at all. Their loss. We would find the right boat. I am sure of it. Almost $1,000 later, we are still boat-less. Stay tuned…

Note: I had so many sea trial and haul-out pictures to accompany this post, however, one child of mine, without mentioning names #zoegrace, erased all of my content on my phone. It is kind of a good thing, it erases all of the memories of this horrible experience.


Our offer on a 35′ Erickson MKII was accepted today!!! Next we have to do a sea trial and haul-out inspection. Once all of that is under our belt we can officially take ownership of our new to us boat! I am beyond excited. I can hardly contain my excitement. Having been searching for “our” first boat for about two years, this seems surreal. The best part? We found her in the Oceanside Harbor! We love the dock she is on and we could not be happier about our agreement with the current owners!

Here is a preliminary picture to give you an idea of her exterior. She is a 35′ Bruce King design. 

This is her interior “before” picture. Because I will not have the time or patience to revamp her interior like that other blog did, it will not be as fancy. But there will be an “after” picture. 

I have been dreaming about all the things I would do with a boat, if I were to call it my own. Now, my mind is in overdrive. Tethers, lifelines, interior upholstery, bedding, dinghy’s, newer equipment…Oh my!

Stay tuned for the Sealed and Delivered posts!!!!

Search: Boat #3

I was off to see another boat in the Oceanside Harbor, this time on dock M. It was an older 27′ (I need to start documenting the year of the boat, so I can look back and compare) boat that needed a lot of TLC. I gathered that much just by looking at the exterior. My suspicion’s were confirmed the second I set foot below deck. The floor felt like it would give in at any second. The cabin area was laid out so different from the Catalina. The 25′ Catalina felt much bigger than this 2′ longer boat. I did not like how small the v-berth was. Frankly, I did not like anything about this boat, especially the $5,000 price tag! I spent all of 2 minutes on the boat before I told them I was not interested. Why waste anyone’s time? On to the next one… Btw, did I mention that I would really love to get a catamaran????

Search: Boat #2

Last week on Thursday, Elijah, Phoebe and I went down to check out a boat for sale in the Oceanside Harbor. I was excited it was on the Q dock. It was nice little 25′ Catalina selling for $4,800. It turned out to be really clean and impeccably well maintained. I was surprised at how much space was in the cabin area. There was a catch, (isn’t there always a catch on something you want at a great price?) there was a man coming in from Arizona that was promised first dibs on the boat. He made the owner promise him to give him a chance, since he was driving all that way. Long story short, he bought the boat! My husband and I kind of came to a realization that 25′ of anything might not be conducive to our large family of seven anyway. So the search is still on.

Search: Boat #1

Our first boat preview was quite an eye opener. We saw a boat for sale on Q dock at the Oceanside Harbor. Only $8,000 the voice in my head was screaming! Now we know why it was ONLY $8,000. In all actuality, it should have been more along the lines of $2,000. Here is the thing, I had only been looking at brokerage yachts. You know the ones drastically marked up so that the salesman can put food on their tables? Gourmet food. Anyway, the beat up ol’ 26′ boat needed so much work, that we would have spent double the cost of her worth just to get her ready for a day sail! Although I love the Q dock for it’s proximity to the beach, shops and restaurant’s, I was not having the lack of upkeep on this neglected boat. Next…