Pennsylvania: Day Three

A real Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. Another thing on my checklist, done! It was not nearly as good as it sounded, or as I had imagined it to taste. But, we can say we tried it! With all of the road closures due to the Papal visit, we did not get to see all of the historic and famous Philadelphia landmarks. I guess that means we will have to go back.

Our visit would not be complete without Felipe visiting the local firehouse. This one is situated in downtown Philly. Engine CO. 24. The guys there were very welcoming, as usual. With little time before we had to make our way to the airport, we accomplished two big things we wanted to check off our list. With just a few days to see the area, I feel like we did a great job making our rounds.

Amish Country. Check.

Shoofly pie. Check.

Selfie with an Amish. Check.

World Meeting of Families. Check.

Seeing the Pope. Check.

Eating a famous Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. Check.

Visiting a local firehouse. Check.

Having a family style dinner. Check.

Feeling accomplished. Check.

Marking off another state. Check!





Pennsylvania: Day Two


The changing of the seasons in Lancaster County is beautiful. Fall Harvest at its finest.

We found a farm that gave horse rides. The little boy, is already an entrepreneur. He charged us $5.50 to walk around the field two times. I was a bit confused about the $.50, so I asked him about it. He said his parents made charged him $5.00 to use the horse. He got to keep the rest. In addition, he gladly accepted tips!

Here is Elijah and the boy, from two different worlds, finding a common ground. I love it!

Did I mention, I had a goal of taking a selfie with someone Amish before I left Amish Country? Mission Accomplished! He allowed me to take a selfie with him!

Zoe riding the horse, with her new pilgrim bonnet. We found that at the restaurant gift shop, the night before. 

If you want a unique place to stay while in the area, I highly recommend the Red Caboose Motel. This family-friendly motel has over 40 historic train cars, buggy rides, picnic areas, a petting zoo and more. In addition, right across the railroad tracks is the historic Strasburg Railroad.

The location is near several exciting attractions. Not only did we find the horse rides, the buggy rides, the train station, but, we also found the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum. We did not get a chance to go in, but we think it looked like a fun place to visit. 

These types of farms were scattered throughout the countryside. It never got old, the beauty and the history that lies behind those walls.

We stopped at this breakfast joint, Katie’s Kitchen, to enjoy a few pancakes. The statue is quite fascinating. An Amish boy, and his pigs.

The pancakes were some of the biggest pancakes we had ever eaten. We ordered what we thought would be enough to feed our family of six. Well, it turns out, we ordered enough for our family of six, for an entire day! The potatoes, were delectable.
  Outside, the kids enjoyed a play structure, while dad and I enjoyed the greenery. 

Zoe and Elijah, hanging with the Amish boy and his pigs!

This buggy was parked outside, next to the barn intended for just this occasion. Note the doll laying on the floor of the buggy. 

A traffic jam in Lancaster County, is not your ordinary back up. Here, we we slowed down by a group of young adults, on their way to a “play date”?

You quickly become used to the slower-paced life. Every time you turn a corner, you seem to encounter, the Amish, living life. After all, this is their little corner of the world. 

Pictured above, you can see this basic schoolhouse, which is still in use today. It is simple, yet, impressive. note the scooter rack in front of the school. No need for parking spaces. This school house is intended for grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Don’t mind the ladies, they are transporting newly purchased furniture back to the farm.

I found this mill bridge picture to be beautiful!

We discovered Herr’s Mill Bridge, and found it to be fascinating.


This bridge is the longest in Lancaster county. It was replaced by a concrete bridge and is now on private property.

As is common in these parts, a fruit and vegetable stand sits on the corner of the road as we headed out of town. Notice the young man, laying in a bed of corn stalks? We found many stands similar to this one. Some, just were very basic and offered jams and quilts.

After enjoying two days of spectacular countryside, we were off to the city of Brotherly Love. What a stark contrast. Countryside to concrete jungle.

In the center of this picture, is the famous William Penn statue, sitting on top of Philadelphia City Hall. It once held the title as tallest in the world, until 1908.

We found ourselves a four-bedroom house to stay in for the night, on airbnb. It was very inexpensive, and served our purpose. sleep. We found airbnb, easy to use. It was our first time trying out the app. There were a few minor kinks along the way, but, overall seems like a great way to stay in a bigger space, with all of our kids. The place we stayed, was a few blocks away from Rittenhouse Square. It is widely considered one of the finest urban public spaces in the United States, according to Wikipedia. We agree, it was very fine indeed.

Our reason for heading out to Philadelphia was to attend and volunteer at the World Meeting of Families . Of course, getting a glimpse of Pope Francis, was high on our list of things to do on this quick getaway. Check!

Attending the Festival of Families 2015 was also a highlight of our trip.

We were pretty far away from the event, so we had to watch the event via a large jumbo-tron. It still was a really exciting event to be a part of!

If there is a firetruck, there is a picture. Here it is.

We sure did cover a lot of ground, in a short amount of time. I am tired just recapping our trip. Time for bed!

First day of school 2015-2016 school year

Here’s to another fabulous year!
Molly: 4th grade Coastal Academy Miss. Taylor   


Zoe: 3rd Grade Coastal Academy Mrs. Rivera   


Elijah: Kindergarten Reynolds Elementary Sra Nance