Palm Springs April 2016

A last minute decision to go to the desert was a perfect plan. We executed the plan in 30 minutes flat. Wake up the kids, pack food and clothes and get on the road, in our RV. 

Our drive was pretty uneventful! We made it in under two hours. We got lucky weather wise as we were getting away from rain in Oceanside and it was only 70 degrees in Palm Springs. 

Once we got to the desert we did not waste anytime finding a pool to spend the afternoon in…

Nor did we waste time finding margaritas!

Once we tired of splashing in the pool, we made our way downtown to the village via the local free trolley service Buzz Trolley

We strolled the Walk Of Stars and discovered over 300 stars along our walk on Palm Canyon. Elijah discovered a really fun car, dubbed the Slingshot

This is the village area of Palm Springs.

Once we made our way up and down the streets and into every shop, we settled in at the Hyatt, where we enjoyed some live 80’s cover music and a little sweet treat.

We nestled in for the night after getting a quick glimpse of a fireworks show that was happening in downtown Palm Springs for their annual charity gala, Evening Under The Stars. Some spent $400 dollars for a ticket, we got to see the show for free. 

Ok, not the best picture, but hey, it was free! 

We woke up to Phoebe showing us her “shiner” she got last night when she slammed into the mailbox when playing tag near the BUZZ trolley stop.

Then we went swimming for our morning exercise. Next up, mass at a local Catholic Church. Lastly, we went to a fun art museum, where we met the artist, Kurt Zimmerman.

The art above was from a local artist named Cissy.

He explained in detail how he made his art come to life. It was fun to meet him. 

Our last stop on the way home, was to see the World’s Largest Dinosaurs.

These dinosaurs were featured in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, along with many other shows. 

Overall, we had a whirl-wind of a weekend. It was really fun to experience Palm Springs as a family. We stayed at Happy Traveler RV Park for a mere $50/night.

Next time we plan on bringing our hiking shoes and hiking up the mountain trails that are abundant around these necks of the woods.


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