Our New Boat: December 2015


Our first sailboat! It is officially ours, just in time for Christmas. We have gone around and around with a name. As you see in this Christmas card, we started out with the idea that we would name it Seven C’s. We were talking one day and said all of us like being the chief (leader) and never the follower. All seven of us! This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.  So jokingly, we said we would name her Seven C’s. It was fitting as we toyed with the name even further. The Seven Sea’s!!!! The name did not sit well with us, then we decided on Anchor’s Aweigh, nope. Next, name Neverland, sounds good. Works well. Fits us. Done. Nope! Back to the original, original. When we first got our boat, my husband suggested we name it Fancy Face. He came up with that name because I told him when we first met that whoever I marry will call me Fancy Face, like Bo would call Hope on Days of Our Lives. I thought it was so romantic. It has been the name he has called me for the past 15 years. It was cute. An ode to our love story. Sign, sealed and delivered. Meet our new to us boat, Fancy Face!

Her information:

Name: Fancy Face

1987 Islander Bahama “30

Inboard engine: Gasoline, Atomic 4

Sleeps: 1 v-berth, 1 quarter berth, 2 settee’s

Heads: 1 with vanity area

Galley: microwave,  refrigerator, storage, sink

Cockpit: New cushions, helm, extra battery, bbq



A large port quarter berth


Forward v-berth



Saloon area with a large couch considering the size



Dining area/sitting area in the Saloon area



A fold up table in the saloon area


The head


My favorite part: the cockpit with the beautiful cushions and the helm (spacious for the size)


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