Plane: São Paulo, Brazil

I had 29 hours to maximize my stay here in Brazil. So, what did I do? I went to the mall, the grocery store, the local AM/PM gas station, the MAC (Museum of Art Contemporary)

where I saw the largest cat display in the world???

and an art display by: Henrique Oliveira called the Transarquitetonica


After that, I walked over this bridge:

To get to this park:





Here I rented a bike for 5 rials (Portuguese money) which translates to $2.50 USD.
What a fun adventure. Back at this amazing hotel:




I spent time by the pool and in the lobby watching a volleyball game Brazil vs. USA.
Then it was time to head back to my room, take a nap and prepare for my 12 hour flight back to California.
What a memorable experience.


Destination by plane: São Paulo

I am currently on my way to Brazil. 12 hours ago I was sitting at home with my crew of kids in Oceanside. Next thing I know, I got the call that most people will only dream of. “You are heading to São Paulo, Brazil in 7 hours.” I loaded up the kiddos and my suitcase (that was already sitting by my front door; waiting for a call that could literally send me anywhere in the world.) We hurriedly picked up Elijah from class. Next, we dropped off Elijah and Phoebe at our family sitter’s house. Until Dad can come scoop them up in a few hours. Then, Molly, Zoe, and I, proceeded to our scheduled play date at the beach. We played with friends for a little while and packed up to go to show choir practice. I dropped them off and I kissed them goodbye. Next, I headed over to meet Felipe for a quick dinner and a kiss. As we were having dinner, we started talking about the rush hour traffic and how horrible it was going to be driving up to LAX from Oceanside. We contemplated between rush hour traffic heading south to the San Diego airport, which is 35 miles away. Then, I would catch a flight back up to LA. The other option would be to sit in 95 miles of grueling traffic all the way to the LAX airport. Then, sit on the employee shuttle for another 20 minutes. It is always a guarantee when you don’t add a flight into the mix of things. You have your car and you go, even if that means at a snails pace. Since I had not slept well last night, and the passenger load heading to Los Angeles was pretty light, I opted to drive south. I decided it would be best to take the chance. I was hopeful it would allow me to get at least what turned out to be a 35 minute nap. I made it with 2 minutes to spare at the San Diego airport. Traffic heading down to San Diego was bumper to bumper starting in La Jolla. I did allow for a second flight that would have left later, still getting me to LA on time for my 9:40pm check in. It was a little stressful, but, that play date at the beach, saying my last goodbyes to my kids, and that quick dinner with my hubby was worth it. After everything was said and done, I made it to LAX at 7:30pm. I even sat next to my pilot that was flying us down to Brazil. It was nice to hear his perspective on the trip. I like to take things, one step at a time. After I got to the airport, I had to focus on my position that I would be working on the 777-200. It would have been too easy to get an aisle in Economy. I know that process. Instead, I got the Business class galley position. I prepared myself for the shift, but secretly I was hoping someone else would trade positions with me. Nope! I was stuck with it. Having said that, my peers have been extremely helpful. We have 5 more hours to go before we get there, I can’t wait to see Brazil!

Plane: What is a short call out?

A flight attendant that is on reserve (equivalent to being on call) is USUALLY given at least a two hour notice before they are required to sign in for a trip. Well, not I. I live 95 miles from the airport and they gave me a 90 minute window to leave my house and get to the airport. Thankfully everything was in my favor. No traffic between San Diego and LA. I had all my bags packed and my uniform ready to go. Best of all we had just finished church. Crew scheduling was nice enough to waive my sign in and told me to just head straight to the plane. I made it with 15 minutes before the plane was due to depart for San Francisco. Yep, I made it! Was I frazzled? Yes. Was I stressed out and going crazy? Yes. But, here I am. Sitting in San Francisco. Ready to re-board the plane and head back to LAX. What a crazy past few hours. on the bright side, it is a beautiful day here in San Francisco.

Plane: Standby reserve

A day in the life of a flight attendant. Well at least 12 hours… of the day. I sat at the airport waiting for operations to use me, for something, anything. But no, nothing. Not this time, at least.
Here is what I did today. I woke up at 3:30 AM, put on my uniform and hit the road. I was at the airport 30 minutes before my 6:00 AM sign in. I talked to other flight attendants, I paid bills online, I bought a burrito for $13.25, I organized my pictures in my computer and I got paid $25 and 2 club passes, just for qualifying for a work program online. This was on top of my normal wage for airport standby. I’d say I made out. Not too shabby for a day of work. Let’s see what tomorrow holds before I get too excited…